LEADERSHIP and SELF-DECEPTION (EasyRead Large Bold Edition) by Arbinger Institute

LEADERSHIP and SELF-DECEPTION (EasyRead Large Bold Edition)

Book Title: LEADERSHIP and SELF-DECEPTION (EasyRead Large Bold Edition)

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant

ISBN: 1427087830

Author: Arbinger Institute

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Arbinger Institute with LEADERSHIP and SELF-DECEPTION (EasyRead Large Bold Edition)

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For too long, the issue of self-deception has been the realm of deep-thinking philosophers, academics, and scholars working on the central questions of the human sciences. The public remains generally unaware of the issue. That would be fine except that self-deception is so pervasive it touches every aspect of life. "Touches" is perhaps too gentle a word to describe its influence. Self-deception actually determines one's experience in every aspect of life. The extent to which it does that, and in particular the extent to which it is the central issue in personal and professional leadership, is the subject of this book. Leadership and Self-Deception, first published in the year 2000, became an international bestseller. Launched with no fanfare when Arbinger (and its work) was little known, the book generated tremendous word-of-mouth momentum. Sales of the book continue to grow at an increasing rate even today, and the book continues to appear on bestseller lists around the world, many years after publication. The book is currently available in more than twenty languages.

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