A Mom's Guide To School Fundraising by Sarah Barrett

A Mom's Guide To School Fundraising

Book Title: A Mom's Guide To School Fundraising

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1481173219

Author: Sarah Barrett

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Sarah Barrett with A Mom's Guide To School Fundraising

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Need help raising money for your child’s school, sports team or club? A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising by Sarah Barrett answers all your questions in a light-hearted, informative and entertaining way. Parents all over the country are taking action and working with their schools to raise money. This book will give you the ideas you need — whether you want to go big or stay small, whether you have a ton of time or need to raise funds quickly — to bring money into your kids’ school and make a difference. Sarah Barrett has been fundraising at her daughters’ school for over five years. She is a former teacher and small business owner with an MA in Education who has traded in her full-time career to dedicate her time and energy to fundraising for her neighborhood school. In this guide, you will learn how to: • Write solicitation letters that yield donations large and small. • Use email marketing techniques to increase fundraising and participation. • Get kids involved so they understand the importance of giving back. • Produce and promote events tailored for your school community. • Evaluate the Return On Investment (ROI) for each event so you’re not investing time and energy into an event that makes only a small fraction of what you need. What parents are saying about this guide: “As co-chair of our local PTSA I can say with absolute conviction that A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising” offers a host of insightful answers to the age-old, but oft overlooked question of 'why do you need to raise money for your school?' It also answers the equally as important 'how'. Packed with practical and easy to follow advice from schools in almost every state in the nation, this guide will leave you with a plethora of 'a-ha' moments. Truly, a must-read for all schools looking for new ideas to raise funds and stay competitive in this economic climate. Its more than an informational guide, its an investment in the future of your school.” -Melissa Bolton, mom/PTA co-chair in Rochester, NY "If you're trying to fundraise for your school, this book is a must-read. Sarah's extensive tips and resources will save you tons of time and frustration AND help you raise tons of money!" -Heather McCarron Allard, The Mogul Mom “Sarah Barrett's book is full of great fundraising ideas. The book is set out in an easy to understand format and categorized so that you can easily pick and choose from her menu of ideas. She provides detailed concrete suggestions, scripts, and emails that you can use for contacting families and businesses. A wonderful resource and useful for fundraising newbies and veterans alike.” -Rebecca Rabson, Mom, business owner, Massachusetts "If your school needs to fundraise, reading Sarah Barrett’s book A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising is a great first step. In addition to detailing a huge range of successful fundraisers from around the country – from raffles to phone-a-thons to auctions to book fairs – it explains the complexities of each. A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising is an idea generator, a brain sparker, a realistic look at the hard work involved, and a significant time-saver for your planning team." -Ellen Zimmerman, President, Jewish Holidays In A Box